Designed for  relaxation & romance

Designed for relaxation & romance

El Gouna - Golf Villa 68

Both of us have travelled to many places during our work and leisure time staying in hotels of all kinds.  None compared to the peace and tranquility of staying in a villa which you occupy on your own: Get out of bed when you like, eat what and when you like, no strangers to deal with around the pool.  And being close to a world class hotel, you gain all the benefits without the drawbacks…. like having access to the Steigenberger Spa (see below) or go for a workout at Lax gym in the marina, followed by a message.

When we finalized the design of this villa we created various spaces indoors and outdoors in which to chill:

  • Poolside Lounge: Shaded cushioned lounging sofas on three sides, ideal in which to play backgammon, enjoy a BBQ outside with family and friends, or just ponder life over a mint tea.
  • Outdoor shaded dining room provides space to dine in private with your family and with friends
  • Upper Terrace Lounge:  Walk from the master bedroom for spectacular views.  This is our favourite place in the late afternoon to chill, read, or just to enjoy a private moment together.
  • Lighting:  We wanted to combine good design with eco-smart solutions.  LED lights are installed throughout and we included LED candles which add a safe, romantic ambience in the evening.
  • Spa:   To relax we frequent the Spa a 15 minute walk or toktok ride to the Steigenberger Golf Clubhouse.  Sometimes we do a workout and message at Lax gym and then go for drinks at sunset at Moods next door.
    Steigenberger:  T (+2 065) 354 4501, F (+2 065) 354 5160
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