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El Gouna - Golf Villa 68

  • Currency:  Egyptian Pounds (EGP). Check rates here:
  • Cash Machines:  Multiple convenient locations from various banks such as HSBC.
  • Food:  Groceries of every sort can be purchased at several grocery stores downtown such as Best Way Supermarket, which features everything you would normally expect from such a store in Europe; Ebaid Supermarket for more local items; and Gourmet supermarket which offers an exceptional up-market in-store shopping experience with online ordering and delivery service.
  • Alcohol:  Available including wine and beer made in El Gouna. Check out the wines from El Gouna’s  “Kouroum of the Nile” winery.
  • Tax Free Store:  Keep your boarding pass, go to the marina duty free within 24 hours of arrival, and stock up on tax free alcoholic drinks at very  democratic prices
  • Security:  El Gouna is a remote resort destination requiring authorization for entry at all points of entry.
  • Culture:  Muslim and Coptic Christian.  El Gouna is home to the holiday residence of the pope of the Coptic church.
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