Heated 13 meter (43 feet) pool

Heated 13 meter (43 feet) pool

El Gouna - Golf Villa 68

When we first visited El Gouna, we loved the temperature and guaranteed sunshine no matter what time of year we visited.  The water views are always stunning.  What we found surprising was that at certain times of the year (especially November to April) when the air temperature ranged between 25 and 28 degrees during the day, the sea water temperatures and unheated swimming pools at the villas were quite cold.  We both like swimming.  A holiday with a pool that we feel too cold to swim in did not make sense.
So in our villa we decided to install a heat pump as the most practical and eco-friendly option to guarantee a warm swim all year long.  We just turn it on a day or two before we show up at the villa.  So when you want to have a warm swim, just let us know before you come down, and we will have the heatpump  turned on.
We also wanted a pool that was long enough in which to do laps.  So we stretched the standard design to 13 meters / 43 feet.

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